Humanity Relationship and Family

I fought because of her, and I’d have done it again

I’m usually not the first to initiate a fight, but I never back away from one, especially if it’s one I believe is worth it. And if I ever do, it’s for one reason, and one reason alone – I’m coming back. But there’s one scenerio for which I’d be the first to use my […]

Relationship and Family

Would you go on a blind date?

Blind dates always come with uncertainty, excitement, thrill, or some people just avoid it by all means. Recently, we asked some Facebook users their opinion. UCHECHI UCHENYI : I hate those kinda surprises. I don’t want to faint biko 🚶 🚶 CHIOMA EZENWANNE: Nope. Do you know how horrible it will be to feel “caged” […]

Humanity Relationship and Family

Why it is dangerous to say that all men cheat

So I’m at this restaurant waiting for my guest to arrive for his interview session with me. I’d come a lot earlier so I could go through my questions, and generally get comfortable with environment. On the TV screen in the room, an African movie was being played, and a particular scene made me more […]

Relationship and Family

10 things to talk about in your relationship

Happy relationships are not void of little issues. Discussing issues in your relationship helps bring you closer and gives you a better understanding of your partner. Staying in or maintaining a relationship requires conscious efforts. Topics spring up when you are together but it is essential to talk about the right things once in a […]

Relationship and Family

My View On Long Distance Relationships

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Travel Stories Travel Tales

My experience with one-chance robbery gang (Lagos, Nigeria)

Travel is great! You know, it gives you a lot of mind-blowing experiences, some not-so-good experiences, and some downright nasty ones too. Nobody wants bad experiences, but hey, this is life, and sometimes, it sucks. Lagos, Nigeria is an amazing city, I tell you. This is a city where everyone fits in. The ultra-rich have […]

I Almost Drowned

City Reviews Latest News Reviews Travel

Why you should visit Yola today!

I was quite excited about the prospect of visiting Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria, and that’s for many reasons. One of them being that it sounds exactly like the name of this magazine, and it’s almost spelt the same. Another one was to add to my list of visited Northeastern states in Nigeria. The terrorist attacks […]

A “Trunk” Ride

Texas Graffiti Park: An abandoned building becomes a tourist site

Discover Bali: Island of the gods


Open Mic Umuahia

One of the things that made our childhood memorable were the stories we told by candlelight, when we’d gather together to listen to tales by moonlight. You see, these stories are still within us, and on Sunday, the 26th of August, 2018, by 3pm, funseekers, lovers of poetry and stories will gather together in one […]

Bristol Short Story Prize 2018

The Guitarist

Anticipation as Abuja The Musical comes to town!

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PRIMEDUX slashes 65% on website development

Yesterday, PrimeDux unveiled her 65% discount on website development cost. This was released on the company’s Facebook page. The company had gone on a 50% discount last week but it seems to be a give-away period and should not be missed by those who really need it. This opportunity may not come again. Undoubtedly, the […]

“Women are better at running businesses than Men”, says South African billionaire


3 Influential Business Women in Nigeria

Food Health

Why you should take Green Tea

Tea is the most consumed drink in the world after water. While we probably do not even understand the benefits of drinking tea, we may have heard the health benefits of drinking green tea, or maybe not. Green tea can be found as fresh leaves or in tea bags, frequently blended with other flavors such […]

Burp/Belch with sulfur/rotten egg smell: Causes and Treatment

Importance of Watermelon seeds

Why you should consume more bulbs of onions

Poetry Religion

Finding God’s Will

I searched and searched in strenuous thoughts of what I hoped was God’s will From the little words of my lips To the lofty works of my hands To the many thoughts of my mind To the recondite decisions of my heart What was God’s will my soul desperately yearned? But in the life of […]

If Samson and Delilah were Africans