A “Trunk” Ride

While the trunk of a car is designed for luggage, the ‘trunks’ in Bangkok may have been designed for people.  The Elephant Village is in the Kanchanaburi province and situated along the River Kwai Noi. It is a little camp where Karen and Burmese mahouts live.

Begin the fun with a trunk ride from the camp, and drown in the excitement that awaits down the river. Take your ride to the water for a bath and marvel at the fun they can have.

The elephants are known for their smart, friendly, loving and ‘naughty’ nature.

Do not miss a trunk ride and elephant bath when in Bangkok.

Nkechi Vanessa
Nkechi Vanessa
I am an engineer with a flair for books and stories. I love adventures and I seem to be crazy about creative designs.

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