Turmeric: A healthy spice

Ever skimmed through the recipe of a savory dish and wondered the essence of turmeric, a spice you may not quickly pick at the store? Well, found in its root and powdered forms, many do not know the value of turmeric. Used mostly as a medicinal herb and spice in India, turmeric is responsible for […]

Art Culture

Institut franҫais du Nigéria releases press statement on forthcoming Performing Arts event

In a press statement breakfast this morning, the Institut franҫais du Nigéria announced her forthcoming performing arts show in the country’s capital. The Press Release read: “The French Embassy in Nigéria and the Institut franҫais du Nigéria are pleased to invite in Abuja the “Quatuor A’dam” to perform an “A CAPELLA” Quartet’s performance. This performance […]