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My experience at Obudu Mountain Resort – Travel Guide: Everything you need to know from the trip to your stay and the pricing.

Cross River is one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria, and during my tour to the state, I wasn’t going to leave there till I visited the very famous Obudu Cattle Ranch now known as Obudu Mountain Resort. The town of Obudu is about 6 hours away from Calabar, while the ranch itself is […]


A “Trunk” Ride

While the trunk of a car is designed for luggage, the ‘trunks’ in Bangkok may have been designed for people.  The Elephant Village is in the Kanchanaburi province and situated along the River Kwai Noi. It is a little camp where Karen and Burmese mahouts live. Begin the fun with a trunk ride from the camp, and […]


Discover Bali: Island of the gods

The Indonesian island is a paradise where the gods once lived and assembled before leaving earth for humans to dominate (my thought though). All nature-elements are perfected in this island with the breathtaking landscape of hills and volcanic mountains, stunning reefs, enchanting beaches and beautiful rice terraces. The island is known for its intense spiritual […]


KAJURU: The castle on a hill

Kajuru Castle has been in existence since 1981. Made of very thick granite stone, it took five years to raise the magnificent structure with turrets, armory and dungeon. Located on the mountains of Kajuru, it remains a hidden treasure and secret of Kaduna State, Nigeria. The castle was opened in 1989 and has a breathtaking […]


IBENO BEACH: A sweet haven

Ibeno beach is the longest sand beach in West Africa and the most popular beach in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Ibeno beach is located in Ibeno Local Government Area, South of Eket Local Government Area. Ibeno Local Government Area is located at the South end of Akwa Ibom State, occupying a vast coastal area of […]