Importance of Watermelon seeds

Crunching the juicy fruit or slurping its juice is not a journey to be interrupted by some seeds. Neither do you want your salad seem a bit stressful because you have to spend some time on some seeds. It is quite comforting to sacrifice some time in taking the seeds out and letting the juice go right down. It’s more pitiful that we spend more time plucking every seed.

Why should the seeds not be plucked out?

Watermelon seeds are protein-packed and rich in micro-nutrients like potassium, selenium, zinc and copper. These nutrients are not easily gotten in adequate quantities from our daily diet. Watermelon seeds are also a valuable source of macro-nutrients like vitamin B and healthy fats. Are these beneficial? Yes. They are good for boosting the heart health, boosting immunity, and regulating blood sugar levels.

When slicing through the beautiful fruit, allow the seeds remain in place and come to love them in your mouth. But where the seeds must be taken away, they can be sun-dried and eaten as a snack or can be powdered. Adding watermelon seeds in combination with other seeds, to your diet, can serve as a health supplement. Having them at your desk and munching them in-between meals makes them fun.

For great health benefits, look at the brighter side with a seed-full watermelon fruit.

Nkechi Vanessa
Nkechi Vanessa
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