Every business wants to make more money. The only market of every business is people. Business is people. The urgency of expanding the market reach is seen in the different tools employed by many firms – big and small –to achieve this goal.

Have you ever been to a plaza housing many medium-scale businesses and most offering similar services? You will find each business duly represented at the gate, calling out to customers to buy their product or service. That is because it is the marketing tool they can afford. Coca-Cola in all its years of established glory has never gone down on its marketing strategy. And just when we did not expect it, Wikipedia stuns us with its adverts. Why does Wikipedia need to advertise itself? Do not be shocked. Wikipedia is a holder of information. It is known that every information found on Wikipedia is more detailed and complete than any found elsewhere. So, why the advert? Is it relevant?

Just like Wikipedia, it is important to assure the market of your services. Strategy cuts across all tools of marketing – website, content (written and visual), social media, etc. The level of quality of the content is as vital as the reason for the content. The content is the communication line between the service provider and the market. And in the business world of a high competition rate, content tells a person why you are better than your competitor.

The importance of content development is not one to be preached to those who understand business. If content development is not quite important in business, then Wikipedia would not have spent money on adverts.


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Nkechi Vanessa
Nkechi Vanessa
I am an engineer with a flair for books and stories. I love adventures and I seem to be crazy about creative designs.

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