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Suya in Abuja!

Suya! If you haven’t eaten Suya, you should. Suya can be made from any meat at all – beef, pork… Even camel meat. Yes, a good friend ate that in Maiduguri.

However, we purchased this at Tai Solarin Street, 5th Avenue, Gwarimpa, Abuja.

Their method of preparing chicken Suya fascinated us.

After the chicken has been spiced and sticked, a big fire is made surrounded by a heap of sand, while the sticks of meat are fixed into the sand. The heat from the fire then sort of bakes the meat.

Perhaps this is what adds to the crispy nature of the Suya. It melts into the mouth and tastes like a thousand stars.

A stick goes for N1,200. And please, do take it with a bottle of chilled orange juice.

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