Uyo’s most eaten meal

Chicken and Plantain is to Uyo what bole and fish is to Port Harcourt.

Chicken and plantain is a staple food in Uyo, and throughout Akwa Ibom. You are sure to see a vendor within each one minute drive around Uyo. Most of the vendors begin their sales during the evenings and then take it well into the night. A few others also sell in the afternoons and even mornings.

The food is also very affordable. A sizeable chicken lap goes for about N300 while the plantains go for N100 each. But that is not all. The meal is enjoyed best with a special sauce made mainly of vegetables and pepper, and it’s best enjoyed with chilled water.

Chukwuka Chukwumerije
Chukwuka is Poet, Writer and Storyteller who loves to travel. He's the Publisher of Yolar Magazine and the CEO of Primedux Ltd. He lives a life of passion and adventure and he teaches others how to do the same.

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